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Greeny Dip - First time ever Soup in a Dip. 

Global Presence: Australia, USA, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Canada 

Launching Greeny Meal by KeeraiKadai.com 

Keeraikadai.com is proud to announce “Greeny Meal” series of natural, home-cooked ready-to-eat products in association with Madurai Agricultural College, Madurai Agri-Business Incubation Forum (MABIF), Community Science College and Research Institute, Technology Business incubator, Agribusiness Incubation Society (ABIS), Directorate of Agribusiness Development and Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

We have successfully designed and launched our “Greeny Meal” product (250gms) with innovative retort packaging at the cost of Rs. 115/- per packet with a six-month validity with an aim to deliver hygienic food for our customers. We also claim no use of any preservatives or chemicals for any of our products which have also been certified adhering to food safety norms. The first patent rights for the Greeny Meal products have been filed.

Our naturally developed products help people with Diabetes, Anaemia, Gastric, and acidity problems, to name a few because of their well-known antioxidant, cholesterol-lowering, laxative, and kidney stone dissolving properties. Our carefully designed product has no sugar, no preservatives, and low salt content to enable anyone to experience the rich and nutritious taste of our traditional food with ease and in minimal time.

Why Choose Greeny meal?
Greeny meal Can be carried anywhere travel takes you.
Dip the greeny meal package in 100 degrees hot water for 2-5 mins prior to use.

6 Months of Shelf Life.
100% naturally processed.
No artificial flavors or preservatives.
Plastic-free packaging.
NABL Lab-tested.
Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, and essential Trace elements.

Lowers cholesterol level
Liver protection

Good for Anaemia and Diabetes 
Rich in fibre 
Prevents kidney stones 
Heals acidity and 
gastric problems





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