Empowering Farmers & Society

Bringing back the traditional food goals to modern times is the underlying thought process of Keeraikadai. We are a unique establishment working on this thought by delivering fresh & natural spinach within 4 hours of harvest to consumers with a view to promote the consumption of spinach regularly for a healthy livelihood & to support the farmers throughout. We take the supply directly from the farm to maintain the freshness of the produce. We support natural farming!

We are proud that we are working on the healthiest food on the planet - “Spinach aka Keerai”

This is the way we treat their passion for moving ahead with their vision.

 India’s first Exclusive showroom for Greens launched at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in Jan 2018.

 We have been a front-runner in taking back traditional greens that people have forgotten.

 The greens are grown with natural manures like cow dung, panchagavya, neem oil, vegetable manure, etc.

 We focus on naturally grown greens with a spotlight on health and wellness. We have networked with 3000+ farmers across south India. We are currently operational in Coimbatore, Madurai Tamil Nadu.  
We have discovered150+ varieties of natural greens (leafy greens).  We provide RTC (Ready to Cook) for the busy, time-constrained consumers.

We have come up with an Innovation - Soup in a dip for the first time ever. Taking the Keerai nutrient to all households globally.


Farm Fresh Greens are available directly from our farmer's network. We have a team to check the quality products and will be handpicked from the farm. We assure you to bring the farm-fresh produce to the outlets.


We are headquartered at Coimbatore. We have a branch at Madurai and off shore office at North Carolina, USA. We are reachable on +91 90477 50005.


We support farmers and the logistics will be taken care of by the company and as a result, farmers are benefited by 30% on their profit. Once farmers are happy obviously Customers are also happy.


Keeraikadai.com is proud to announce “Greeny Meal” series of natural, home-cooked ready-to-eat products have successfully designed and launched our “Greeny Meal” product (250gms) with innovative retort packaging at the cost of Rs.115/- per packet with a six-month validity with an aim to deliver hygienic food for our customers. We also claim no use of any preservatives or chemicals for any of our products which have also been certified adhering to food safety norms. The first patent rights for the Greeny Meal products have been filed.

Why Choose Greeny meal?
Greeny meal Can be carried anywhere travel takes you.
Dip the greeny meal package in 100 degrees hot water for 2-5mins prior to use.
100% naturally processed.
No artificial flavours or preservatives.
Plastic-free packaging.
NABL Lab-tested.
Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and essential Trace elements.

Call 90477 50005 for orders


Greeny Dip - First time ever Soup in a Dip. A Quality product from KeeraiKadai.com


Order online at www.greenydip.com. Delivered across 20,000+ pin codes across INDIA.

Greeny Dip - First time ever soup in a dip. The filter bag we use is eco-friendly and easily decomposable in nature. Our filter bags are free from plastic and staple FREE. 
We have used only natural real ingredients and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS ADDED. It tastes fine with 100 ml of hot water for 1 Dip bag. We have added a very minimal amount of salt so that kidney patients, high blood pressure patients, and consumers with high Urea Creatine can consume it. If required consumers can add salt to taste. Call for more details: 90477 50005